Three Questions Your Copy Must Answer to Succeed | Copyblogger

Do you have those clients that you just cannot explain and make them understand how important their web site copy is to their success? Those that get filled up on themselves and expect all visitors to just want to read about them them them and their accomplishments etc? I know you have had a client or two like this. I was fired by one last year, when I told them that the home page needed to be about their company and what it DOES for people, how it solves THEIR problems. He wanted to list all of his accomplishments, his awards, certifications, (most of them non-business and industry specific) on his home page as his ONLY copy. I welcomed it. He still has no business via his web site. I hear about it every week after a networking meeting. Yup, I nod my head. I should just send this link to him, but, well, that would be a waste of bandwidth.


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