A resource for some WP links. the full list from this wonderful person. I culled some and added some. some of these I have posted before, some never. This list will be sort of a repository.


So you want to create WordPress themes, huh?
Build a WordPress Theme from Scratch
WordPress Theme from Scratch (3 parts)
Shelly’s Way


yes, the first place you should search when you have questions, but some people just need handholding or others to do their work for them, the entitled ones, so for them:

Theme Development
Conditional Tags
Template Tags
Stepping into Template Tags
Designing Themes For Public Release
The Loop
Template Hierarchy
Using Custom Fields

Starting points. When you don’t want to start from scratch.

Thematic – WordPress Framework
Hybrid WordPress Theme Framework
Starkers WordPress Theme
WhiteBoard – Free WP Theme Framework

Hacks n sacks

Collection of WordPress Hacks
WordPress Theme Hacks
63 WordPress Hacks
Mastering Your WordPress Theme Hacks and Techniques


Social Bookmarking with WordPress
What Every Blogger need to know about Categories
Widgetizing Themes
How to Separate WordPress Comments and Trackbacks
Different Ways To Display Content in WordPress
How to Highlight Author Comments in WordPress
How to Install DomTABs on WordPress
Create a Custom WordPress Plugin From Scratch
Build a Featured Posts Section for WordPress
Unraveling the Secrets of WordPress’ Comments.php File
How to Blog Design Style Guide


WordPress Theme Development Checklist
WordPress Help-Sheet
WordPress Advanced Help-Sheet
WordPress CheatSheet V1
WP Theme Tags

Some WP blogs

Lorelle on WordPress
WP Candy
Blog Design Blog
Darren Hoyt
WordPress Modder
Blogging Pro

You have more resources? You comment and let me know. But, heck only one link is allowed in my comments, so drop the http part and it should be OK.

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